Gold Coast Bread


Our traditional Gold Coast Bread range includes a large range of bread rolls, specialty breads and traditional breads ideal for everyday consumption. As with all Gold Coast Bakeries products, this traditional range provides both young and old with the necessary dietary fibre and vitamins needed to get through full days at school, work and home.

The traditional 680g white, wholemeal and multigrain breads are sold direct to the public at most respected supermarkets and route-trade stores, whilst the following products are sold direct to the trade:

Hamburger Rolls
Available in large, regular white & wholemeal (unseeded, seeded, unsliced & sliced), ring, soft top and flat hamburgers.

Hotdog Rolls
Regular, extra long (white or wholemeal) and mini (white) available seeded or unseeded with a choice of unsliced, side sliced or top sliced. Our extra long rolls are ideal for garlic breads whilst the mini rolls are great for children’s parties and fit cocktail Frankfurt’s perfectly.

Crusty Rolls
Have no preservatives, and are soy free. They come in a range of knots, long rolls and round rolls.

Available seeded or unseeded. We also bake a mini seeded bagel that is ideal for parties and savories. With less than half a gram of saturated fat per serve, our bagels are ideal for people watching their weight.

Naan Bread
Sold frozen, ensuring minimal waste. 

Hot Cross Buns
Recipe includes premium quality dried fruit as well as three spices: mélange, cinnamon and nutmeg (available only at Easter time).

Light Sour Slipper
An enjoyable change from bread or dinner rolls – great with casseroles, soups and roasts.

Available in white (fine, medium or coarse), wholemeal and organic.

Cobs are available in plain, mountain pepper, sour dough and garlic & herb.

Available in white, wholemeal and multigrain (large and small). Preservative free.

French Sticks
Available in white and wholemeal. Preservative free.

Available in both standard and mini. Preservative free.

Large floured and unfloured, as well as mini floured.

Perfect accompaniment to soups and casseroles.

Pizza Bases
Small, medium and large (medium and large available in thin and crispy), either sectioned or unsectioned.

Baked overnight in a stone oven using the finest Italian olive oil and Australian made malt.


White, wholemeal and multigrain, available in various sizes, either sliced or unsliced.

Sultana Loaf
900g large sliced, full of wholesome juicy sultanas. Great for morning teas and available in normal and thick slice.

900g special white and wholemeal, 550g white one inch slice, 450g white and a small 180g white. Also preservative free.

900g one inch slice loaf, either unsectioned or sectioned.

Turkish Breads
Plain or garlic.

Pocketbreads and Doner Kebabs
Available in white and wholemeal.

Garlic Bread
Sold individually wrapped in foil and frozen in a carton of 48.

Jam Donuts

Boxed in a carton of 24 and delivered frozen for convenience.

Made with 100% real butter to enhance the flavour and aroma that you’d expect from a quality product.

Packets of 6 Rolls
Baps, bread roll muffins, cheese rolls, multigrain, wholemeal and soy and linseed in knot (seeded and sliced), long and round rolls.

Loose Rolls
Large variety of knot rolls in both white and wholemeal flavours.

Dinner Rolls
Available in white, wholemeal and white with a floured top. Choices also include seeded or unseeded, white crusty and flat dinner rolls.

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